Believing Words

The villain is my heart
And fear a shield of pain that does not deflect
The wounds it gives just from holding
Make it’s protection naught
I cannot give up in this great fight
But it has been so long
And as my heart and spirit fade
I lose that joyful song
Let the villain turn around
And let the time be now
Fear is not the answer hear
And life will soon abound.


Pour Out Your Heart

I can’t possibly take much more of this
It really can’t go on
Untenable in every way
Let the angels sing.

Trust is such a touchy thing
And I am not so trusting now
And in the heart that screams at me
I do not hear the voice.

Please be with me as I die
And if you bring me back to life
Do not let my mother cry
But for joy the end of strife.