On a Thursday

And I just want to get
Closer to Him who saves
And fall down at His feet
To learn from all his ways.

Please help me Lord I feel
But feeling’s not enough
Decend upon my heart
Make smooth that which is rough.

In Time of Need

I am under siege.

The grip around my neck is tight and growing tighter
The lessons learned and forgotten and learned again
Have left me exhausted in my bones.

I am afraid.

The cold is fast upon my heart
And lonely I am stuck in fear
I hear raging all around and the center is not calm.

I am failing.

The light is weak the candle dies
It flickers as I reach for death
And in the morning I might, wake or I may be gone.

Hear my prayer.

The death I seek is not with bodies
Not revenge and not my own
Let my heart be rescued now as the old man dies.


But the morning after I fell so far
And landed on earth with all these scars
And could not believe how I had marred
And could not mistake the feathers and tar.

And burning with shame I woke from a dream
But I was afraid of the shimmer and gleam
And would not hold on to that which seemed
To good to be true (or so I had deemed).

So this is my prayer in the morning I rise
I sing it to you as I look to the skies
It loses its words as it sheds its disguise
And I see for the first time through your eyes.