The Raining

Here comes the burning
And here comes the pain
And here comes the way out
And this place is dry.

Dust clouds and dry grass
Turning yellow and brown
Choking breathing coughing
Parched and feeling worn.

Let us draw near
In fellowship with fear
Let us kneel down
And listen for rain.

In Time of Need

I am under siege.

The grip around my neck is tight and growing tighter
The lessons learned and forgotten and learned again
Have left me exhausted in my bones.

I am afraid.

The cold is fast upon my heart
And lonely I am stuck in fear
I hear raging all around and the center is not calm.

I am failing.

The light is weak the candle dies
It flickers as I reach for death
And in the morning I might, wake or I may be gone.

Hear my prayer.

The death I seek is not with bodies
Not revenge and not my own
Let my heart be rescued now as the old man dies.


But the morning after I fell so far
And landed on earth with all these scars
And could not believe how I had marred
And could not mistake the feathers and tar.

And burning with shame I woke from a dream
But I was afraid of the shimmer and gleam
And would not hold on to that which seemed
To good to be true (or so I had deemed).

So this is my prayer in the morning I rise
I sing it to you as I look to the skies
It loses its words as it sheds its disguise
And I see for the first time through your eyes.