For quite some time

Once I could,

And there was a time when I could not,

I would not think of her.

It was too beautiful

And too painful

And I did not wish

To sit with what I had lost.

But in truth,

It was not a dream,

For she did love me

And I did love her

And it was real.

But I do not know how

To speak of these things

And now having lost them

I am even more,

At a loss for words.

For they are holy things

And I, here in the dirt,

Fear my words,

Would somehow taint them.

But I was young once,

And happy,

And we were in love.



There inside amidst debris,

Rubble from forgotten wars,

There lay a voice buried deep

That had been lost to time.

In pain it waited to be heard

The years turned slowly grinding by

But it stayed hidden in the earth

Far from light and hope the sky.

Screams from underneath the soil

And all the tears that could not cease

Did not reach the passers-by

And would not yield to peace.

Would the god who put him there

Broken and afraid

Ever reach a hand to clear

The rubble from the way?