Remember the dreams?

Remember those days when anything seemed possible?

Now it’s torn at the seams

And the simplest element doesn’t ever seem possible.


Remember when the world was waiting?

Remember when your arms were opened wide?

Now the world is waiting

And you can’t stop the tide.


Remember when hope was everywhere?

Remember when long limbs ran far?

Now as beauty fades here

I can barely make it to the car.


How could we have been so happy?

How could we have felt so true?

Now I don’t ever feel so happy

And miss the times I spent with you.


I fear that soon I won’t remember

And all will just be doom and gloom

I fear a long and cold november

Sitting in this empty room.


Will you help me to remember?

Those days that seemed to never end?

When all was bliss and joy and peace

Please, won’t you please come to me again?


That Bright Spark

Daring to live seems awfully hard

A massive wall is so hard to scale

But over the top and on the other side

Is the land where one can truly fail.


Daring to leave is often too hard

But the insides are dead  and always so long

Feeling ok seems hardly the thing

But everyone wants to feel this same song.


Daring to hope is terribly hard

And always so scary and dark

But living alone you’re already dead

And never will find that bright spark.

By The Sea

Sand in my toes and beaches around

These are the places where dreams may be found

Every white grain and every crystal clear

Mixes with waves erasing my fear.


The sun in the sky turns red just before

It sinks ‘neath the waves off of the shore

The whole world is lapping in peaceful repose

As tides come in and go out with your woes.


The moods are intense and then they are calm

And everything clean when the storm has gone

But here in the heart it seems quite rare

To find such a place so simple and fair.

These Are the days

And these are the days that we have begun

And all that we are is under this sun

And every mistake is here to be seen

And all of our joys that ever have been.


These are the days where we will arise

And these are the days with hope in the skies

And these are the days that we will be wise

And fill all the earth with so many lies.


These are the days

Or so it would seem

But there are no others

Inside of this dream.


About the World

The poet tells us everything

Just not about the world

Oh sure he knows a thing or two

Yet it’s biography he’s hurled.


We may learn a little here

And just a bit right there

But about the man himself you see

Well we’ve gone everywhere.


The poet tells us oh so much

About his own deep soul

But about the world around us here

Not so much at all.


The Colour of Hate

What is the colour of hate in my heart?

Why is the burning so strong?

Who is the victim when I can’t forgive?

And how will I ever belong?


Red as the fire that burns all away

Blue as the sea that drowns many dreams

Grey as the clouds that hide every hope

Black as the night that tears at the seams.


What is the colour of hate in my heart?

And what is the price to be free?

What must I do to find a way out?

And who is the one with the key?

Many Days

A soul must walk for many days

Before it finds its rest

And though it suffers greatly now

It yearns for what is blest.


Many trials come its way

And many tears are shed

But a soul must walk for many days

before it finds a bed.


The path is not what it would choose

And despair is always near

But a soul must walk for many days

And pay with what is dear.


There isn’t time for all the things

That it would wish to see

And every hour of every day

Brings another step to be.


There are times when light is scarce

And dark is all it sees

But a soul must walk for many days

Before it finds its peace.