The air is cool tonight

And I can hear the crickets sing

And I can dream of love

As one who is alone.


A Day Without Spencer

This is not a day

Not one that need live on

For now the world is darkened

Spencer has gone on.


What good is rest and freedom?

What use is all this life?

The young man now has left us,

I pray with no more strife.


The dead do not come back much

And if they would we’d scream

And now the world is missing

A boy and all his dreams.


I could not reach his mother

And did not have a word

I could not think of what to say

Nor could my voice be heard.


It is a lot to ask of us

To trust that this is best

And I would not pretend I did

Even if in jest.


So let my lack of knowledge weep

And let my lack of wisdom cry

But do not let my faith be lost

And do not let it die.


For quite some time

Once I could,

And there was a time when I could not,

I would not think of her.

It was too beautiful

And too painful

And I did not wish

To sit with what I had lost.

But in truth,

It was not a dream,

For she did love me

And I did love her

And it was real.

But I do not know how

To speak of these things

And now having lost them

I am even more,

At a loss for words.

For they are holy things

And I, here in the dirt,

Fear my words,

Would somehow taint them.

But I was young once,

And happy,

And we were in love.


There inside amidst debris,

Rubble from forgotten wars,

There lay a voice buried deep

That had been lost to time.

In pain it waited to be heard

The years turned slowly grinding by

But it stayed hidden in the earth

Far from light and hope the sky.

Screams from underneath the soil

And all the tears that could not cease

Did not reach the passers-by

And would not yield to peace.

Would the god who put him there

Broken and afraid

Ever reach a hand to clear

The rubble from the way?

And When they Fell

I did not know

The lives cut short

When planes came crashing in.

The years would add

To my dark list

Because events unfolded then.

And as the ripples

Touched the years

My friends began to fall.

They died in places

Without me

I thought I had escaped.

But planes that crashed

Took many years

To take away my friends.

I wish that I

Could trade my life

That you could know them now.

I did not know

That I could hurt

So hard and for so long.

The planes,

They surely killed my friends

Without a single touch.