I want you in the darkest night
Your naked form to comfort me
Send me home when it is time
Take me as I want to be.

Cut through all the sitting mist
Shrouding thoughts I had to love
Send me home my sweetest girl
Show me things from up above.

The raging sea fights war with land
And death is at the door
Send me home my heart’s desire
And teach me to want more.

The Wrong Side of Power

The hungry know a simple truth
Power has a side
They are on the outs tonight
Taken for a ride.

The prisoner knows many things
But this he knows is true
Power has a side today
And not with me and you.

The slave knows how to catch a star
But never keeps it long
Power has side to keep
And not for right and wrong.

They Tell Themselves the Ground Is Gone

They tell me that the truth has changed
And I’ve been left behind.
Of course that is absurd to say
There’s nothing of the kind.

They tell me that what matters most
Is what it means to you
Then all the world’s a pile of dung
And you are worthless too.

They tell me that the ground is not
A starting point to see
And that the stones that held the earth
Were never meant to be.

They tell me that the truth is not
A thing to touch and feel
I guess that changes everything
There’s nothing left to steal.

A Veil We See

The sweetness of the darkest dream
The rapture of the holy fear
The weakness in our deepest want
These are things that we hold dear.

Susceptible to sweet hot lies
That promise all our hearts desire
And promise all the pain to burn
And cover in that righteous fire.

As all the best lies always are
It comes to you as mostly true
And just the smallest little twist
Is waiting at the end for you.

And so we fall and go our way
And get what we deserve
And find the truth about the lies
And mostly lose our nerve.

Or we come to darkest climes
And think that life is pain
And never quite can separate
The lie from truth again.

Now I lay me down to sleep
And I pray my mind to keep
Not by my hand for it will fail
Keep me Lord, who broke the veil.