Warning to Parents and “Most Church-Goers”

This blog is not safe for children. There may be both themes and content that a parent may find objectionable. This blog is unedited– and that in multiple senses of the phrase. There may be cursing and graphic descriptions and you may not want to read them. This blog is not meant to uplift anyone. It is not meant to be edifying. There are plenty of blogs that do both of those things. This is not one of them. I have no interest (of course) in bringing anyone down but this is not a place to censor. I wish everyone the best. Read at your own risk.


23 thoughts on “Warning to Parents and “Most Church-Goers”

  1. Thank you very much for including me on your blogroll–it means a great deal to me. Especially, or in spite of, your new “Warning”. I always wish you God’s rich blessing.

      1. I had to come back to this, as I was thinking that some of those “church goers” you reference are rather close-minded, perhaps. But not all of us, and not to all things. And since I don’t want to make this into a “sermon”–I’ll just say, “God bless you” again, as always. Hope you have an excellent day.

          1. Hi–just popped by to tell you I’ve given you the Soul-Song Award, and you can read my post–the rules are not demanding! God bless you this day~~~the not-so-open-that-the-wind-blows-thru-my-ears-Caddo!

      1. Totally profound. After I read your warning, I’m thinking you are incredibly responsible but I won’t delve deeper because I am one of those church goers and I try to be careful what I expose myself to. But between your “having sex with your wife is not something children should see either – that doesn’t make it something unchristian” and the comment a few up about being too open-minded, I’m hooked. I may quickly become unhooked, but maybe I’ll land on one of your provocative but clean posts. Thanks for the warning, though.


        1. Well it is very true and very important that you cannot unsee or unread things. It is wrong to think you can be unaffected by what you experience. I would never feel put off if someone felt they needed to leave because of content. I myself have stopped reading other people’s blogs (that I really loved) for that very reason- sometimes permanently and sometimes temporarily. Please be well, keep yourself safe, and do not violate your conscience.

        1. “Reason is the devil’s whore.” – Martin Luther

          It is true that people often “reason” themselves into all sorts of error and sin. I myself have done it and I would be very surprised to be convinced that you had never done it yourself.

          I don’t think my response was all that witty (although it certainly was short). I was merely trying to take what you said seriously and engage you in dialogue. I feel no need to convince anyone of my intellect. I am hardly the most intelligent person I have ever met and more importantly not the wisest.

          What are you doing here exactly? If you have no desire to actually discuss something with me (which the above comment would suggest), and you have no desire to actually attempt to change my mind about something (which, again, the above comment would seem to suggest)– then why would you take the time to comment at all? And if you would like to try and change my mind, then perhaps you might rethink the way you are going about it.

          Now if I was the one on your blog it would be a little different– but I am not on your blog throwing darts at one of my own.

          If you want to continue then you should respond to the content of questions and criticisms and not avoid answering. I don’t mind having harsh criticisms leveled at me– but if you are going to start you need to finish. I don’t even mind your humorous turns of phrase (like “disgusting wit”) if you were actually going to participate in a dialogue. Tell me why having sex with your wife is a disanalogy for the discussion and therefore not a relevant point on my part or I would have to assume that you don’t care about me at all or that you are unable engage in this sort of discussion. Either way it makes one wonder why you would show up at all if you weren’t interested in engaging.

          I will have to stand in the judgement. So will you. And neither one of us will have to answer to the other. We will both have to answer to God.

          Now you have made no real attempt to convince me of anything at all– let alone that I was “not submitting to the authority of Christ.” Also, you don’t know me. I like criticism– but if you can’t take it back don’t give it out.

          I am always wanting to learn and grow. This means that I have to admit when I’m wrong. I do not have a thin skin and I do not think I am better than you or anyone else. If you genuinely have a serious admonition then perhaps you should have sent an e-mail. If you don’t care one bit about me then I suppose you should just carry on the way you have been.

          I wish you well. Peace be with you.

          1. WOW.

            You carry a chip on your shoulder. If Jesus does not convince you.

            How CAN I?

            You continued to attack my motives, and to attack me, rather than to address your failing to follow Christ in protecting children.

            So, what ARE YOU doing?

            I protect children.


            1. You have not quoted Jesus in this thread.

              You have not cited a specific example of something on my blog that you think is “not protecting children.”

              You have not answered my questions when I have tried to answer yours.

              None of this suggests to me that you protect children. However, it does indicate that you have an idea in mind and not a person in mind. Now you have not really deigned to grace us with much of an explanation of your idea. You have only brought it up and moved on. Sex with your spouse seems like a relevant analogy. I do not think this blog is really much of a problem for children– and I still put up a warning for parents. The internet is filled with pornography and violent images– even together if you want. This is a poetry blog.

              There is nothing wrong with me being angry (whether or not that equates to me having a chip on my shoulder or not I don’t know). There is nothing wrong with you being angry. You have been very insensitive concerning grief. If you had hoped it to come across as loving you have failed. This at least is what I gathered from some other recent commenters– that I had done the same thing (failed to come across as loving). Now I know from this that just because someone is offended does not mean that you should automatically think that you should have done something different. I don’t expect you to go around living life always walking on eggshells around me and I wouldn’t walk on eggshells around you.

              That being said, however… if you have no desire to “convince” me of anything… why mention Jesus? Why say anything at all?

              1. “This blog is not safe for children.” Your words.

                “6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” KJV. Words of Jesus.

                You claim to be a Christian, but you do not submit to the authority of God. And you are willing to harm children.

                That being said, what is your purpose? Why even get up in the morning?

                Me? I serve Jesus, and I protect children.


                1. The warning? That’s your example? Not going to cut it dude.

                  Scripture passage: perfect (as always, right?). Thank you.

                  Now you just need to tell me about why the analogy about sex with your spouse does not seem relevant to you and actually find a poem that you think would “not protect children.”

                  1. Dude.

                    I used your words. You claimed YOUR words are a threat to children. So, you warned parents against YOUR threat.

                    As a Christian, you should have read the New Testament a couple of times already, I gave you the version. You can google it yourself.


                    1. A lot of things are “not safe for children.” That doesn’t make them immoral in any way. I already gave you one example. There are plenty more. If that is the case (and it is) then just because my blog may be “not safe for children” does not mean it is “unbiblical” in any way. Now my blog may be unbiblical– but not because it is unsafe for children. Now I would love to hear why you believe I am wrong about this. It wouldn’t be the first time I had been wrong about something.

  2. What am I thinking ?
    If and wenn the wind is blowing through my ears my mind normally starts being empty. Thoughts come allways second…
    But during my second thought I found out I was seized by your blog.
    Try walking on the water – even in winter ! Lovely for some -spring-time.

  3. I just ventured by and am intrigued. I also am Christian and seem to offend Christians regularly, but I have not encountered this much controversy on a blog in …. ever. It makes me think you are doing something right. I absolutely think you are right, that not being safe for children is not the same as immoral. You have spent a lot of energy responding to the Ghost; which is good, as long as it doesn’t divert you from doing and writing what God has called you to do and write. Personally, I wish God’s blessings on you both, and I think God’s blessing always tend to teach us grace. You seem like a person who is receptive to grace and that draws me to your blog, however uncomfortable it might be.

    1. I need all the grace that I can get and often you find yourself receiving it after you have learned to give it. I pray that I will continue to learn to be more loving and gracious as the days go on.

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