How Can You Love Me?

How can you love me?
Down here in the mud.
How can you see me?
All covered in blood.

How can you touch me?
With all this disease.
How can you love me?
Please tell me please.

The end is so near now
And I have begun
To hear whispers of angels
And fear what I’ve done.

Nothing compares
To your marvelous light
But I feel so cold
In the darkness tonight.

Death seems upon me
And my greatest foe
Is my own obsessions
And sins here below.

They’ve come for my blood Lord
This you can see
And how can you blame them,
Or begin to love me?

The rocks they will praise you
After I’m gone
If you do not save me
Surely they’ve won.

But how could you love
One such as me?
How can a slave
Ever be free?


8 thoughts on “How Can You Love Me?

  1. How well you speak for us all, in one way or another. God loves us NO MATTER WHAT. How hard it is for us to contemplate this mystery in our filthy and rags and bloody sunderings of ourselves!

  2. wow. i am an objectivist, and although you might not agree with my religious principles that align with my objectivism, i have been truly touched by this poem. thank you. x

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