You Are Mine

When it’s good
You often see
Things you’d hoped
You’d always be.

When it’s bad
You hear a sound
And fears grow real
All around.

When the light
Hits your face
You can’t find
The slightest trace.

Looking up
And looking down
You take the smile
And not the frown.

And how we do it
Every time
When it hits us,
“You are mine.”

11 thoughts on “You Are Mine

    1. I loved how planaquarium would often use a certain rhyme scheme and double the number of lines similar to turning a three/ four into a six/ eight in music. I, of course, am no where near as skillful as he is… but you have to start somewhere…

  1. What a hopeful message with a playful ending =) Your first two stanzas are like nuggets of truth and your third stanza has a particularly pleasing sound. Very enjoyable =) Take care, Que

    1. I am so glad you got the playfulness. I often wonder at people’s interpretations to my poems. This does not mean I think they are poor if they differ from my intentions– rather it drives me to think more about how I communicate my message (or attempt to).

    1. That is too specific a question– if you want it answered send an e-mail and I will strongly consider answering… however, there may be certain vows of secrecy involved (I’m just sayn’).

      It would not do to ruin the mystery for the public… but I believe you have my e-mail if the urge to know becomes overwhelming.

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