25 thoughts on “A Note on the Road

  1. This was me for decades–it was so frustrating, as I was powerless to change. So I hung on to the wisp of faith in God I possessed, and resolved to just hunker down for the duration and wait for the “end”. And then the miracle happened just before Easter 2011–talk about “worth the wait”!

  2. You realize the fight is the fight that if you continue you will always be the opposite of yourself. you surrender to it, notice I used it as the word of choice. Self conflict is not you but the mind in you that has control over you when you face that head on, you are now witnessing it then you surrender to it being the observing witness of your mind! You have no interest in conflict; your mind does! It is how it controls you, repeats patterns of the past, dooms your outlook to the future! You have no interest in either and in this moment something in you sees choice! Surrender to your thoughts about any of it. Witness it with no judgement, witness with no regret and forgiveness of self for allowing the mind noise that much weight within your existence. For in your conscious you become more awake to the love concealed within it! It heals in your embracing, not your removal of it! For just witnessing this as the mind controlled substance of receptive thought pattern you are more aware and of pure resolve. Hence you win your soul to become more present by witnessing your minds dominant pattern to keep you non aware of what matters most! This moment!!!!!! There is much missing in this moment and your mind has no value to bring when it is there. Something more does!

    1. Plantinga I can understand. Wittgenstein I can get things from. Neitzsche I can learn from and argue with. This, however… I have nothing. I don’t know what this means. I do have to say thank you though for taking so much time to leave a comment. Many things go over my head. My apologies for being a wasted audience. Perhaps one day I will look back and a light bulb will go off… until then, have a wonderful day. Cheers.

      1. My friend you are not a wasted audience sometimes it takes a message to resonate before it becomes clear! In this case it was more of a place of pointing to you inside you! Have a wonderful day as well my friend! Enjoy your moments completely! CK

    1. Actually unlearn as it doesn’t require your teaching to love it requires your knowing! Inside you knows this deeply rooted within you. You are born with it and die with it and then you experience it in between! 😉

    2. That much is clear. Jesus said, “love your neighbor as yourself.” This tells me that He presupposed that I would love myself. Obviously I need to love myself if I am really going to be able to effectively love others. And we have so much to learn, don’t we? You have made a very appropriate and relevant point. Thank you Esther. Cheers.

  3. You forgive yourself for whatever it is bothering you, pray, and try (though it’s hard indeed) to let God be in control…. do something nice for at least one person each day, try to make a positive difference in someone’s life. (You probably do all these things or weren’t really asking… just my thoughts.

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