Alone in my Own Camp

I want someone singing
someone singing of you
to reach into my heart and sing its pain
I want someone in the same kingdom
I want a fellow subject
to sing
to sing my pain.

Perhaps if I was better off
if I had been more obedient
then perhaps
perhaps I could feel what I hear
from them now.

But you know I can’t.

Speak to my heart oh Lord
and it will be as you speak.


8 thoughts on “Alone in my Own Camp

      1. I commented because I relate to what you say in your poem. It’s is not easy to die to ourselves (to our desires and to what we think is right and how things are supposed to be) I am still learning to let go and let God direct my ways and honor His plan for me and not my own. It’s a long process (with the ultimate goal of being Free)…

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