A Question to the readers…

I was thinking about getting a group of poets together and having someone pick a topic for all of us to write a poem about. I would then post all the poems on this blog. I think it might be interesting. Now if you are a writer but have not written much poetry (or any) this does not mean that you should not consider it. If anyone is interested leave a comment below.


43 thoughts on “A Question to the readers…

    1. Quite a range of topics, I’m sure any one of those would be great.

      Easter could potentially be a goldmine. It could have anything from the incarnation to fluffy bunnies. High end philosophy to childhood memories. And I would be really interested to see what a non-christian (or non-practicing christian) wrote about Easter.

      Earth day just has so many great memories for me (which some people might find surprising) so I’m sure I would enjoy writing about it.

      Unity has no depths that we can get to (for a writer); it would be easy to find inspiration.

      All great ideas. If there is enough interest I will hold a submission period (perhaps a week) and then (if manageable) bring it to a vote.

  1. I might be interested–I’ve just signed on for the poem-a-day NaPoWriMo challenge, but if the muse is on duty I might be able to swing it…

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