That Song

“Oh great God give us rest,”
sang David–
Crowder, not the king,
but you know what I mean
I’m thinking of the Crowder song
and yearning for it
not for it,
but for the subject of it.



I think I might learn something.
Please let me learn something
(through or after all of this)

Shine down on

7 thoughts on “That Song

  1. A Soul Walker,
    You know where I stand when it comes to religion, but I find the spirituality in this poem peaceful.
    Le Clown
    PS: I think I’m getting better at expressing my feelings when it comes to poetry.

    1. So am I and I have been doing it since the eighties (both writing and expressing thoughts on writing). It is amazing what a little practice will do. I think (in spaces like this) the important thing is to be sincere, unpretentious, and to not “worry” about how your comment sounds.

      As to religion, I am enamored with the study of belief mechanisms. I think it is funny (sometimes, mind you– not all the time) to see the emotional reactions some people have to things they and the people they are engaging with have no direct control over (beliefs). They result in exclamations like this:

      “I can’t believe you believe in God!” or

      “How could you possibly be an atheist?!” or,

      “Ignostic? Really?”

      I trust you can imagine (or remember) the facial expressions from such exclamations.

      As to peace,

      that has been the quest of my life. I have been thankful when I have it and terribly upset when I don’t. And I have often been surprised at the circumstances of my life when I have been at peace (not always what I would have expected).

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