The indomitable spirit of Sugarface
Was tied to mortal coil
And cut down like a blade of grass
By a large american car.
Sugarface was a cat
White from head to tail
and looking at her bleeding out
shocked my little child’s mind.
I miss that cat
with the indomitable spirit
that cat with the attitude…
of a cat.
I hope some day
at long last
that Sugarface,
now larger than life
will return.
I would like to put a saddle on her
and ride her into battle–
obviously this might require some strong drugs
but Battle cat was always cool.
Maybe I should get my next cat a helmet.


8 thoughts on “Sugarface

    1. She is missed. 1984 seems like yesterday. She was a sweetheart… for a cat. I loved her. Is it weird that I loved my cat when I was a small child? I suppose it doesn’t really matter if it does. Also, cats wearing helmets generally look hilarious… Battlecat was an exception.

  1. Cats are certainly special and yet they are also unique in each character
    and each day. I wondered where you were from, you remind me of one
    of my daughter’s friends who is crossing the country.

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