First Year… and you could win something.

This blog is officially a year old. I feel that I should mark the occasion somehow…To celebrate I have decided that I will write one reader a poem (with an actual pen on actual paper) and I will send it to you in the actual mail. In order to be considered for this celebratory gift you must be willing to e-mail me your snail-mail address and you must leave me a comment. I will not tell you what to comment. However, it is likely the comment that will win the prize. So, if you are interested leave a comment. I will decide at the end of the week so you have until next Friday to catch my attention in the comment section. Don’t worry where you live in the world. I may be a poor poet… but I can spring for international postage on a letter. Cheers.

53 thoughts on “First Year… and you could win something.

  1. Wow! That is so cool! I mean, your creativity is commendable! I always wonder how you get to hatch such wonderful ideas !! Anyways, Happy one year Anniversary to the walk towards your soul! I hope you keep up the walk to the inner beauty! Have a a very good day!!
    With love and blessings,

    1. When it comes to ideas… I studied philosophy and have been writing poetry since the late eighties. I really hope I have a lot of room to grow and all the poems on this blog so far are rough drafts… but regardless of my abilities in the end– I have been working on writing for decades. If you want to write you have to write… a lot. Do not hesitate to write because you worry about the outcome… if you do you will never write as often as you need to to develop. Oh, and have a good day yourself.

  2. I totally want a poem! Although…I did have a book of haikus written for me once…so…I suppose it would be ok if someone else won a written-just-for-them-poem. Nice way to celebrate!

      1. It was for my birthday a few years ago. I have really awesome coworkers…and I used to annoy them with my haikus, so when it was my birthday, they put together a book of ones they’d written. Quality.

  3. You are now officially the second poet sending poetic postcards in the mail on here…I LOVE this idea, the personal touch of our hearts seriously forgotten in our modern times. I hope whoever wins treasures it. Happy 1st yr. Hope your poetic journey continues always.

      1. I am not in the running here…you have some long time fans, and I am new to your site….they have been faithful readers no doubt, and honestly, I’m a tad shocked they will email you their snail mail addresses…:)should be interesting…I will be watching.

          1. πŸ™‚ you are a gem though, and yes…anyone who gets handwritten poetry better carry it in their pocket..til death…that’s what I say. So give it to someone who has adored your writing, they deserve it.:)

            1. You know I have written an awful lot of poems for other people and I often wonder what they do with them. I assume if they are ex-girlfriends they just throw them out or burn them… but what about all the others? I mean I have never gotten one myself in paper so I am not even sure what I would do with one if someone wrote me one…

              I do have this story though… different… but not all together unrelated…

              I had a friend– a fellow soldier at the time– and he got deployed to Iraq and I did not. Before he left I gave him a copy of “Letters to a Young Poet,” by Rilke. He told me a year and a half later (upon his return) that he had kept it in his pocket the whole time… and he did come back alive.
              I was very moved… it made me think of all the friends who left that I didn’t give anything to… and how they didn’t all make it back… There is something about having something in your pocket from a friend…

              1. I have been blessed to have a childhood friend from my poetry conception days, I wrote her a poem as a separating gift, she was assigned to a different high school to attend,we were 14…little did I know my life would drastically change and I would never see her again…I gave it to her, a silly little poem about the value of a true friend…we are 37, never seen each other since, we live 3000km apart, we have emailed back and forth, a couple years ago, she told me she still had that poem, emailed it to me…and when we speak it is like we’ve not been apart 1 day since then…poetry, how it binds peoples souls, a magical thing. Letters from one heart to another. Your friend…wow. Now that is an amazing story, and yes, I can imagine that it should be treasured. I have letters and notes and whatnot from the snail-mail days, that will no doubt stay with me until I die…in many ways, I very much miss that form of communication…this digital form is far reaching and instant, but very forgotten, erasable, less permanent…the lack of tangibiliy is a sad thing, because the weight of the words, it surely is still there, we just can’t feel it in our hands. Your friends have no doubt been blesses to hold your poetry, in their hands. I actually have very recently started to transfere everything onto paper that isn’t, and I too, am going to start giving and mailing stuff to those it belongs to…hence my piece the other day, a wandering diaphaneity…they are going to find their way home, to the people they belong to, as much as possible. It is a good thing for sure. Hugs to you Soulwalker.

        1. I know some bloggers who actually have a P.O. Box for their blog as an added layer of security just in case. The world is a scary place… but I try not to let it get to me… and if I ever win a contest I will totally give up my snail-mail address. Also, on the envelope there will be a return address. This will allow the winner to stalk me or send me flowers or anthrax or whatever if they really feel the need. I’m just sayn’. Oh, and new to the site is not an important factor in the contest… Just so you know.

            1. No need to discuss anything that anyone doesn’t wish to. That last comment is as much for anyone else as for you. Also, please don’t anyone send me anthrax… I mean I know I have to die sometime… but there’s gotta be a better way. Cheers.

              1. lol…well, you’ve learnt the art of charm, damn poets. I really do enjoy your work, and am happy to have discovered you, but I really just meant, your faithful long term readers will treasure a gift like that most…of course anyone, even new readers would too…it is a very good idea, and I’m sure you’re a trust worth guy…so give a good gift to a great long term follow. xo

                1. Your suggestion will be taken under advisement. However… I am the master of very little, so I can’t promise you it will be heeded. Wait? Is this reverse psychology? I am probably in over my head… A long-time reader may win… but it probably will not be because they have been reading a long time. Any and all are invited to catch my attention with their comments.

  4. What a neat way to celebrate such milestone. Congratulations on your first anniversary, that is a huge deal in my books. Thanks again for that lovely poem you left in my comment section…lifted my spirits, made me smile, and sure made my day.

    Many thanks

  5. What a touching and beautiful way to commemorate your one-year anniversary of this blog. Through your poetry we all have traveled far deeply and at times painfully inside and out to barren deserts and felt the pull of that majestic sea. Whoever this gift is bestowed upon will truly appreciate it…by the way ever think of engraving your poems on a plaque? “Many Days” just begs for one!!! (IMHO)

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