Friends and Lovers and the Senses

Show me things that bounce
Or things that flash in light
I’m really just a simple man
But not just over sight.

Read me slow a story
Whisper in my ear
I’m really just a simple man
I hope I’ve made that clear.

Wash your hair with coconut
Spray on your perfume
I’m really just a simple man
No matter what the room.

Fry me up some bacon
And brew the coffee strong
I’m really just a simple man
I hope it won’t be long.

Rub my shoulders and my neck
And you can have my wallet too
I’m really just a simple man
It’s really not that hard to do.


30 thoughts on “Friends and Lovers and the Senses

  1. a mini response:

    Bring me things that aren’t things
    Or something from the sea
    Really just a simple girl am I
    The flower to attract a bee

    Weave words into castles
    Bury my fears in the sand of the shore
    Really just a simple girl am I
    Can you see my core?

  2. Looks like I have some great competition!–I love White Pumpkin’s poem. I’ll bet this poem of yours bore more fruit than you’d anticipated, eh?

      1. Might I suggest Leviticus 11 for you reading pleasure then. Also, they make bacon out of turkey, chicken, beef, and a variety of veggie products, there is no need to get snippy.

          1. You don’t need to read anything for me sir. Enjoy your coffee, whomever you share it with. I was merely pointing out that bacon, like a lot of things in life, come in more forms than one.

            1. I drink my coffee alone and I joke often but rarely mean to offend (which of course does not necessarily excuse me if I do offend mind you). I actually like turkey bacon… not as much as real bacon… but I think it tastes alright. And it’s too late… I already re-read that chapter and several others. I do hope you have a wonderful day… and if it’s not going so well I really hope it gets better. Cheers.

              1. I am fond of beef bacon myself, but it isn’t all that great for your health. A treat now and then. I read it, as well as Quran 2:173 and 5:3. Hope your day is well too sir.

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