Crying from the Pain I Caused

I was not strong enough
And I failed you
I sinned against you in my weakness and pain
I was not holy
I was not righteous
I was not faithful.

I burn from light
Like some lost vampire made flesh
and I crawl to the sun
and feel like I am naked on broken glass.

Let me be consumed
and even your name be praised
Let me be broken
and your name be lifted up
I am too worn to shake
But you are holy.

Take this sin from your servant
Even if he is broken
Do not delay oh Lord
It all closes fast.

I will sing of your praise though I fail
I will worship you
You are my fixed point unmoved in the raging storm.


8 thoughts on “Crying from the Pain I Caused

  1. Soul Walker,
    I appreciate this poem. Thank you. You present to me an entire life in anguish that seeks transformation with a realization that God has done the work already. I like the last stanza. I find it difficult most times to forgive myself. When I can then the praise offered to God is beautiful. Thank you!

      1. Soul Walker,
        I have read your poems over the months to know that write of soldiers. I just wanted to acknowledge your tributes to these soldiers on this memorial day

  2. Had to take time to let you know that this one is beautiful ❤ They all are, but this one hit me especially hard today. Thanks! 😀

    1. Thank you for your kind words. While I don’t suppose I could ever stop writing it is perhaps such comments that keep me posting online and actually sharing my writing with others. Cheers to you and yours.

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