One of Us

Burn baby burn
I will not be content
I hear the voices of the dead always
Their faces are always before my eyes
Screaming and gunfire is in the background of every conversation I ever have
And I am almost never wholly here
Part of me is always in the other place
And they are always with me
I see the dead.

burn baby burn.

Let the world go up in flames
I would not be more in pain
I would not then begin to doubt.

Let the heroes speak their peace
Let the angels blow their horns
Loose the devils to the world
I am no post-millennial.

I will not be consoled
unless by God’s own hand
I will not be sated
unless by His Spirit
I will not be calmed
unless by His voice in this wilderness.

I can feel your pain
and it hurts me
and maybe that
is why He became
one of us.

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